Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Clowning Around...

Sarah asked for an update on the blog as to what we're feeling here at the end of the 13 wk intensive. Well, um, I would say: numb, drained, excited, afraid, Ack attacking, exhausted, full, and a wee bit crazy. Yeah, that sounds about right. I've had new demensions to my quesy fussy stomach develop during the last 3 months that I know are the result of boot camp. I also don't remember what sleep is because I haven't had any since school started. And my personal, yeah, what personal life?


I would not trade anything that happened in the last 13 wks for a million dollars or even a functional gut (which, for those of you who know me, realize that that's saying something!). I have learned to take a note and apply it the same day and watch my performance change as well as my partner's with just a simple change. I've gone back to basics with Shakespeare to have my landscape, then my mask to cover it. I've laughed until I was crying when people have done their clown skits.

I am blessed with an amazing ensemble to work with : caring, supportive, and just a little bit crazy ;D I've watched every single one of them grow and sharpen as actors; their choices are cleaner, objectives clearer, and comedic timing tightened. With our new skills we're better ready to face the up-coming season of plays.

See you in the stage lights,